Dangerously cold today in the Finger Lakes

Temperatures this morning were well below zero in some areas of the Finger Lakes. At 5:00 am, Ithaca was an amazing -17 degrees! This is within 10 degrees of the all time record in Ithaca (-25).When it is this cold, even a slight breeze can send the wind chill down to dangerous levels. That is what is happening today. Winds are less than 10 mph in most locations, but numerous spots in the region are reporting wind chills of -20 to -30 degrees.As the sun comes up, we will ‘warm’ up into the low and mid single digits. Winds should stay mostly light, so our wind chills will improve this afternoon, if you call -10º to -15º an improvement.Temperatures will improve slightly over the next few days, but we will be stuck in a very cold pattern. In fact, besides maybe a brief warm up into the 20s this weekend, we will likely stay in the single digits and teens for highs right into next week.The good news is that there should be very little snow today. A few lake effect flurries cannot be totally ruled out, but accumulating snow fall should be very hard to come by.

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