Arctic cold returns to the Finger Lakes

Lately, our temperatures have not been too cold. We have enjoyed quite a few days above freezing during the last several days and we started out this morning in the upper 20’s and low 30’s. That is all about the change.The weather map at 7 am showed a strong, arctic cold front getting ready to cross Lake Ontario. This front is taking its time moving south, but it should cross our area later this afternoon.Once the front moves through, the floodgates will be open for an arctic air mass to move south. Temperatures overnight will drop to or below zero for many locations, with temperatures only warming into the single digits for highs on Tuesday. Wednesday looks similarly cold, with a third morning below zero possible early Thursday.While the raw temperatures themselves will be similar to early January, there is one thing that will make this arctic outbreak a little bit more tolerable- the winds will not be as strong. Instead of wind chills approaching -30 degrees, they will “only” approach -20 degrees with this outbreak.Let’s be honest though- does it matter that much when it is this cold? Stay warm!For the latest forecast and radar visit our Local Weather Center.

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