Chelsea Steinruck & Amanda Webb on Weber Show

On Monday morning at 9:30 am, Waterloo varsity girls basketball players Chelsea Steinruck and Amanda Webb will appear on Weber This Week with Harold “Web Dog” Weber on FingerLakes1.com and FingerLakes1.TV.To watch live, visit FingerLakes1.TV shortly before 9:30 am or look for the links on our homepage at FingerLakes1.com.To watch live on your smartphone, download the FingerLakes1.com App from the Google Play or Apple store and tap on FingerLakes1.TV in the app menu. Also, watch via the YouTube App on your phone by subscribing to ‘FingerLakes1.com’ on YouTube.Monday’s show will be posted immediately upon conclusion at FingerLakes1.com. An audio only version is available for streaming or download at the Weber This Week show homepage or on iTunes or Stitcher.com.

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