Sneaky shot of snow overnight?

Over the past 24 hours, many of the weather models have begun to show a quick moving swath of snow across parts of Central New York. Despite only showing up yesterday, confidence is growing that it will actually occur.Low pressure over Michigan will weaken and drift east today. Meanwhile, a wave of energy will spin around the low and move across Pennsylvania and into the Hudson Valley by tomorrow morning. As it does so, it should develop a new, stronger low pressure system which will throw some snow into our area.Since this is so new showing up on the models, and since not all the models have come into agreement in even showing it happen, there are still some uncertainties that need to be pointed out.The first is timing. While many of the models show the snow tapering off by early Saturday, some show the heaviest snow lingering into, or even starting early Saturday morning. If you have travel plans in the blue and pink areas tomorrow morning, keep that in mind.The second uncertainty is where the axis of heaviest snow will set up. This will likely be a rather localized event, with the swath of highest amounts no more than 50 or so miles wide. Outside of this band, I do not expect more than an inch or two, so there is a very fine line between 1″ and 5″

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