Water advisory continues overnight in Seneca Falls

The conservation advisory issued for the Town of Seneca Falls and all those who are serviced with Seneca Falls Water will continue overnight and into tomorrow. A Conservation Advisory is an advisory to limit water usage as much as possible. The water main break at the water treatment plant has been repaired however levels in our water towers have been affected. You may experience some anticipated issues, such as cloudy or whitish colored water; this is air in the system making its way out. Let the “cold” water run for a short period of time to remove it from your system. The water may also smell like chlorine, this is a direct result of changing over the purification process and is normal under these circumstances. The Town of Seneca Falls is doing everything they can at this time to ensure that the water supply is safe for consumption. We sincerely appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all those effected at this time. Residents may choose at their discretion to boil your water until our advisory is lifted. We are anticipating that conditions will be back to normal on Thursday. We will post an update when we have additional information. Please check back at FingerLakes1.com for the latest updates. You may also call the Water Department at 315-568-6211 or Seneca County Health Department at 315-539-1945.There is also a link on the Seneca Falls Police Department website, to Nixle, which is a public notification service where this information can be sent to you directly by following the direction provided on the site. The direct site for Nixle is www.nixle.com. The following areas have been effected:  All of Seneca Falls, As well as Fayette Residents on Rt 89, Cemetery Rd, County Rd 121, Canoga Rd, Parker Rd, Seybolt Rd, Cosad Rd, Martin Rd, Hoster Rd, and as a precaution all residents supplied off the North and South Parker Road Waterlines. Waterloo Residents on Kingdom Rd, County House Rd, Bauer Rd, E River Rd, River Rd, and Rte 414 North are also effected.

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