January thaw ahead for the Finger Lakes

It is chilly in the Finger Lakes this morning, but not as cold as it has been. The wind is dying down as well, keeping wind chills mostly warmer than -15º. As the morning wears on, the winds will get less and the wind chills will get closer and closer to zero.These are the first subtle signs of a substantial warm up in our near future. High pressure is located over the Southeast this morning and is beginning to move some more seasonable air north. This, in addition to a fair amount of sunshine over the next couple of days, will help push the arctic air out. High temperatures will reach near, but probably fall just short of 20º today with mid 20s in the forecast for Thursday.Friday will be a transition day as the weather gets more serious about warming up. A weak system will move through the area and act as a warm front while a second, more substantial storm develops over the Plains. Flurries will change to rain showers on Friday as temperatures rise into the mid 30s. Saturday will be even warm, with 40s likely, along with some rain showers towards evening.Temperatures may even go up more Saturday night, with 50s by early Sunday. How everything unfolds from there is still a bit uncertain, but it does look like Monday will end up well above average as well. Above average temperatures should continue into most of next week as well, giving this this feel of a true January thaw.

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