Bitter cold moving south into Finger Lakes

This storm has been behaving pretty much exactly as expected. If I would pick out one thing that wasn’t quite what I anticipated, I would say that the snowflakes have not been quite as fluffy as I would have guessed, but that was a big source of uncertainty all along.As I have been trying to stress, the biggest danger from this storm will be the bitter cold and treacherous travel conditions. Throughout the day, roads have been poor. Now, the cold is starting to make its presence felt.The inset map shows 5pm temperatures across the region. Most of the Finger Lakes is near or just above 10º, but some absolutely frigid air exists just to our north. Meanwhile, off the Mid Atlantic coast, low pressure is starting to intensify. Winds aloft have been out of the southeast (even though they have been northerly at the surface), but they will turn to the north as this low strengthens. This, plus the loss of daylight, should lead to a decrease in temperatures this evening, with many areas losing 10 or more degrees fairly quickly.The winds, which have been strongest over western New York, will pick up across the rest of the region, with gusts to 30mph. This will make travel even more difficult, not to mention will send the wind chills to dangerous levels. Snow will continue, with some periods of heavier snow, through the overnight with a few additional inches likely.If you must travel tonight, use extreme caution and pack a Winter Emergency Kit, which should include at a minimum the following:- LOTS of WARM blankets.- Warm clothing, hats and gloves- High energy food (granola bars, etc.)- Water- Batteries & a Flashlight- Fully charged cell phoneIf you go in a ditch, use the blankets for warmth as much as you can with your car OFF to avoid any danger from carbon monoxide. If this is not enough to keep you warm, run your car with the windows slightly ajar to improve circulation and only run the car long enough to get warm.For FL1 Meteorologist Drew Montreuil’s latest information on the storm and local forecast visit our Local Weather Center.

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