Gas odor alarms Seneca Falls residents

Many Seneca Falls residents thought they smelled natural gas in the air on Saturday. The odor was caused by the chemical that is used to give normally odorless natural gas a smell and was not actually natural gas. While many residents were alarmed, there was no danger. Nonetheless, local police and fire officials along with NYSEG have been responding to calls throughout the late afternoon and evening.On Christmas Day, NYSEG discovered a rupture to an old gas line on south State Street in Seneca Falls. Saturday, as the culmination of their work over the past few days, they flushed the old line which caused the odor to spread through the storm sewer under homes and businesses to points south of State Street and to the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor.SFPD, the SF Fire Department, and NYSEG have been responding to calls from residents and businesses reporting a strong odor of natural gas. In all cases, while the odor was strong, there was no trace of natural gas in the air.Officials expect the odor to dissipate into Sunday morning.If you ever smell an odor of gas, call 911 or NYSEG’s gas leak hotline at 1-800-572-1121.

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