Inmate arrested after brutal Seneca jail attack

Seneca County Sheriff’s Investigators report that on December 4th at about 9:00 am, Benjamin M. Greenfield, age 32. was arrested as a result of a verbal altercation that occurred on 11-28-2013.Greenfield while incarcerated in the Seneca County Correctional facility became involved with another inmate in a verbal argument. The two had a difference in opinion on the ownership of a magazine.During the argument Greenfield went toward the other inmate and punched him with a closed fist breaking his nose. Greenfield continued with the attack and began using his elbow to strike the other inmate in the face breaking his eye socket.The Correctional staff responded and broke up the fight. Greenfield was locked in to his cell and the other inmate was taken to Geneva General Hospital where he was treated and released for his injuries. Greenfield was arrested and arraigned before TJ/Gruele of Romulus for the offenses of ASSAULT 2ND- WITH INTENT CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY and ASSAULT 2- WHILE CONFINED IN a CORRECTIONAL facility.He was ROR’d and is to return at a later date to answer the charges.

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