Local weekend weather scenarios

The set up this weekend is EXTREMELY complex and sensitive. As I see it now, here are the best and worst case scenarios for our area. This does not mean either one will happen, but we can hope for something closer to the best than the worst.BEST: Front stalls out northwest of the Finger Lakes area. Entire region warms into the 50s by Sunday afternoon. Heaviest rain stays northwest, with about an inch of rain total through the weekend.WORST: Front stalls over northwest Finger Lakes. Areas along and northwest of a Buffalo-Rochester line end up just cold enough at the surface for a significant freezing rain event (up to 1″ of ice). Meanwhile, the heaviest rain falls across the heart of the Finger Lakes, with 2-4″ of total rain through the weekend.Both scenarios are plausible, and winter storm watches have even been issued from Buffalo to Rochester, just in case. This weekend is going to be a challenging weekend to forecast with possibly some very intense weather. Stay tuned for more updates through the weekend at our Local Weather Center.

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