Latest on today’s Winter Storm

Snow has overspread the area (did it ever really stop?) this morning as a potent winter storm begins to impact us. This will be a long duration event, and as of this writing, we are still over 6 hours away from the heaviest snow.Throughout the afternoon today, you should expect the snow intensities to fluctuate a bit between very light and moderate. That is to say that sometimes it will only be snowing very gently, but within an hour or so, it may be coming down at a decent rate. By sunset, most areas will have only picked up 1-4″ of snow.As we progress into the evening hours, the main event will come into the Finger Lakes. Heavy snow should spread into the area and quickly accumulate.I expect a band of heavy snow to set up somewhere in the Finger Lakes that pushes snow totals to near a foot by Sunday morning, but I was not confident enough in the position of this to include a 12″ zone on the map.Likewise, further southeast of the Finger Lakes, there may be an area that sees at most 6″ due to lighter precipitation and/or sleet. Again though, the occurrence, location and size of this lesser area is not certain enough to map. Those two things bring the map confidence down to medium-high, so do not be surprised if you end up in one of those areas.The snow should be tapering off by Sunday morning. However, with some enhancement from the Great Lakes, I think scattered snow showers will continue much of the day. Another inch or two could fall in some places.– FL1 Meteorologist Drew Montreuil

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