Lake effect snow expected today

The Lake Effect Snow Machine is in full swing this morning, with intense bands off of both Lake Erie and Ontario. As of 7am, up to 18″ had already fallen in western New York from the Lake Erie band, while parts of Oswego county are nearing 30″ already! Neither band should move much during the day today, leading to some even bigger snow totals.Shaded colors are snow accumulations through 7pm tonight. Yes…12-18″+ more just during the day today on the Tug Hill! The snow up here is extremely intense, coming down at inches per hour. Some thunder and lightning are likely in this band as well.The Lake Erie band is also pretty intense in western New York. However, it also seems to be getting a lift, literally, from higher terrain around Ithaca, enhancing the snow a bit there. Most of that area will see a couple inches today, but I would not be surprised if one or two spots get near 6″.Overnight, the winds will briefly swing to the northwest, sending the Lake Erie snow well south of our area while the Ontario band gets some areas that have been missed out so far. Areas between the black dashed lines- including Rochester, Geneva, Auburn and Syracuse, may see 2-5″ overnight depending on how long the band stays in one spot.By Thursday morning, the bands should return to their positions due east of the lakes. Please keep in mind that this is lake effect we are dealing with, so making a regional snowmap by default is going to have some errors, since it can be sunny on one side of town and a blizzard on the other! If you don’t get the snow forecast for you- check your neighbors…they probably did.

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