South Seneca students of the quarter announced

South Seneca High School recently announced Students of the Q (Students of the Quarter) for ninth and tenth grade academic awards. These awards are given by teachers and some examples of the criteria for this recognition include: academic excellence, most improved, conscientious or diligent worker. Keep up the good work and great job!Student of the Q Academic Awards Winners: English 9A- Ms. deCoudres: Conscientious, Enthusiastic Worker – Courteney Delong; Outstanding Participation – Damion Brown; Diligent Worker – Cole Porter. English 9- Ms. deCoudres: Outstanding Writer – Jenna Darling, Sarah Albro; Conscientious Workers – Kiarah David, Andrew Griffin, Jacob Granger. English 10A- Ms. deCoudres: Outstanding Effort and Participation – Sarah Schrader, Ashley Blanche; Outstanding Effort – Cullen Marrella; Diligent Worker – Kurstin Scesney, Kira Simmons. Global I/II- Mr. Brewer: Academic Distinction – Morgan McGonigal, Skylar Rasmussen; Conscientious Workers – Kira Simmons, Dominic Carpino, Laura Wyckoff, Thomas Comstock-Wells, Kiersten DeMarco, Cullen Marrella, Morgan McGonigal, Joe Bowers, Sierra Coney. Global I/II Honors- Mr. Brewer: Academic Distinction – Krystofer Mosher, Cameron Vanselow, Adam Wagner, Ryan Shields, Emily Lavarnway; Conscientious Workers – Skyler Jones, Mary Kate Badalamenti, Kevin Nash. Biology- Mr. Cartwright: Excellence in Biology – Nga Ruckdeschel, Katie Winkleblack, Nicholas Lane, Ryan Shields, Marlea Jones, Emma Worrell, Cullen Marrella, Ana Papadoupolis, Joe Bowers, Emily Dey. Geometry- Mrs. Scoles: Academic Achievement – Anastasia Papadopoulos, Victoria Sturdivant; Outstanding Effort and Determination -Skylar Rasmussen. Beyond Our Borders- Ms. Butterer: Adriana Mander, Tony Bower. Global I/II- Ms. Butterer: Nicholas Lane, Luke MacIntosh. High School Health- Mrs. Brewer: Academic Excellence – Camie Vanselow, Kevin Nash, Nicholas Lane, Jenna Darling; Attitude and Effort – Elijah Trim, Tim Borden. Band- Mr. Zajac: Effort and Conscientious Participation – Sarah Albro, Andrew Griffin, Lincoln Lowe, Emily Dey. Studio Art- Mrs. Copp: Artistic & Academic Achievement – Skyler Jones, Camie Vanselow, Jenna Darling, Ally Woodard, Elisia Panipinto, Jamal Limner, Gemini Zajac; Positive Attitude – Mary-Kate Badalamenti, Kelsey Shaulis, Bailey Minges, MacKenzie Kenyon, Tandom Rathbun, Mackenzie Welch; Overcoming Obstacles – Lynne Jenkins. Drawing & Painting- Mrs. Copp: Artistic & Academic Achievement – Nga Ruckdeschel, Katie Winkleblack; Determination & Effort – Ariel Felice. Spanish 1- Sra. Feldman: Highest achievement – Daniel Ingandello. Spanish 2- Mrs. Sanchez: Academic Distinction – Adam Wagner, Krystofer Mosher; Outstanding Effort – Kelsey Shaulis, Cameron Vanselow, Sarah Albro, Jake Granger. Spanish 3- Mrs. Sanchez: Academic Distinction – Lincoln Lowe, Eli Corning, Nga Ruckdeschel; Outstanding Effort – Morgan McGonigal, Marlea Jones, Nicholas Lane, Katie Winkleblack, Emma Worrell. Pre-Algebra- Mrs. Taran: Outstanding Effort and Determination – Kelly Williamson. Algebra- Mrs. Taran: Math Scholar – Devin Rogers. Chorus- Ms. Quinn: Academic Distinction – Sarah Albro, Tony Bower, Eli Corning, Jake Granger, Lincoln Lowe, Andrew Griffin, Scott Hawley, Destiny Freitas-Valderrama, Katie Hubbard, Kiersten DeMarco, Nathaniel Bauder, Marlea Jones, Nicholas Lane, Krystofer Mosher, Nga Ruckdeschel, Emma Worrell. Introduction to Business- Mr. M. Barkee: High Average – Kalyn Moore; Outstanding Effort – Jamal Limner, Dominic Carpino, Zeb Alvarado. English 9- Mr. Schoedel: Most Interesting Reflections – Krystofer Moser; Most Dignified Students -Connor Austin, Cameron Vanselow; Most Helpful -Tandom Rathbun, Tony Bower; Best Vocabulary – Davia Alvarez; Most Careful Writer -Mary Kate Badalamenti. Geometry Honors- Mr. Cooley: True Grit Award – For turning in every single HW in Full and On Time – Skylar Jones, Emily Lavarnway, Krystofer Mosher, Adam Wagner. Algebra II/Trigonometry- Mr. Cooley: True Grit Award – For turning in every single HW in Full and On Time – Eli Corning, Marlea Jones, Nga Ruckdeschel, Katie Winkleblack, Emma Worrell. Earth Science- Mrs. Smith: Academic Excellence in Earth Science – Steven Backner; Most Improved in Earth Science – Kelly Williamson.

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