Weedsport man charged w/ scamming Cato senior out of $15,000

Sheriff David Gould reports that the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office has made one arrest in connection with a scam perpetrated against numerous northern Cayuga County residents over a lengthy period of time.HumberstoneYesterday afternoon Daniel B. Humberstone, age 40, of Earl St. in Weedsport, was charged with one count of Grand Larceny in the third degree (felony) in connection with the theft of over $15,000 from a 90 year old Town of Cato man. Humberstone was arraigned in the Town of Ira Court and remanded to the Cayuga County Jail without bail. The thefts were committed over the course of several months and involved personal checks and ATM withdrawls. Humberstone and an “associate” of his convinced the elderly man that Humberstone was in line to receive a million dollar settlement from the State of New York but that certain fees needed to be paid regularly in order to secure the future settlement. The pair received numerous checks from the elderly man and drove the man to an ATM on several instances where they received numerous cash payments. The pair promised the man that he would receive a “bonus” in return once the settlement was received by Humberstone. The investigation revealed that no such “settlement” ever existed and that Humberstone acted with the intent to steal the money from the elderly man. The investigation is continuing as to the criminal culpability of Humberstone’s “associate” who is known to have solicited “loans” from dozens of other Northern Cayuga County residents, possibly as many as 40, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, under the same or similar pretenses. Detectives are in the process of determining whether the “associate” was part of the scam, or if he too was a victim of Humberstone’s con. Cayuga County Detectives would like to hear from any resident who was approached , or did give money to a man asking to borrow money claiming that he was helping with a “friends legal settlement”. Anyone who did loan money under these pretenses may be the victim of a larceny and may be eligible to file a criminal complaint. Due to the fact that the “associate” has not been charged with a crime, his name is being withheld at this time.Anyone with information on this investigation is asked to contact Lieutenant Joseph Weeks at (315) 253-3902.

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