FingerLakes1.com to live webcast NWHOF Inductions

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, FingerLakes1.com, Inc. will broadcast the 2013 National Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony live via our Internet Broadcasting Network on FingerLakes1.TV and YouTube. The broadcast will begin at 2:30 pm EST and run through the conclusion of the ceremony. The complete broadcast will be available for on-demand viewing shortly after the ceremony ends.Watch live and celebrate the lives and achievements of the 2013 Inductees: Betty Ford, Ina May Gaskin, Julie Krone, Kate Millett, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, Bernice Resnick Sandler, Anna Jacobson Schwartz and Emma Willard, as they are formally inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. The event is taking place at the New York Chiropractic College Athletic Center at 2360 State Route 89 in Seneca Falls, NY. The live webcast, however, will be available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.How To Watch Live:1. Log on to www.FingerLakes1.com just prior to 2:30 pm and follow the link to the live webcast.2. Go directly to www.FingerLakes1.TV on your computer, tablet, or Internet Connected TV3. Watch on your smartphone via the YouTube app and search for ‘FingerLakes1.com’How To Watch On-Demand:1. After the live event has concluded visit www.FingerLakes1.com and look for a link to the video.2. After the live event has concluded search for ‘FingerLakes1.com’ on YouTube.FingerLakes1.com, Inc. has partnered with Visual Technologies (visualtec.com) of Syracuse to produce the live broadcast.FingerLakes1.com, Inc. President Jim Sinicropi says, “The National Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is an amazing event that brings some of the most influential and famous women in the world to Seneca Falls, NY every two years. We are extremely excited to help make this outstanding event accessible to the entire world. Past induction speeches from so many great women have proven to be both important and inspiring. We hope that as a result of this webcast that thousands of young people are inspired and motivated by the stories and words of this year’s inductees.”

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