The Gould Hotel is back in Seneca Falls

The Gould is back! After much speculation and excitement, The Hotel Clarence of Seneca Falls is returning to its roots with its original name, The Gould Hotel. The Gould Hotel first opened its doors to the Seneca Falls community in February, 1920. Named after its financier the Gould Manufacturing Company, the hotel was described in the Syracuse Journal as,“The most complete and perfectly equipped of the smaller hotels of New York State. Four stories in height, absolutely fireproof in construction and equipped in perfect taste and convenience, it is scheduled to become the mecca for travelers and autoists between Rochester and Syracuse.”From its very first days, it developed a reputation for offering exceptional quality and service and was always the place to be for the locals. It simply became known to the community as “The Gould”. During the economic downturn in the 80s the hotel fell into disrepair and briefly closed its doors to the dismay of Seneca Falls.The hotel was acquired in 2007 by Jay Bernhardt of JGB Properties. Bernhardt’s intent was to get the hotel reopened and help revitalize the downtown. He conducted extensive renovations to include a new state of the art kitchen and the latest in guest amenities in each of its beautifully decorated rooms. By 2009 it was once again a centerpiece of the Finger Lakes region. In March 2012, Bernhardt partnered with The Eberhardt family of Central New York. The Eberhardt family is well versed in hospitality management with properties like the Sherwood Inn of Skaneateles, New York, Colgate Inn of Hamilton, New York and Phoebes of Syracuse, New York. The partnership was a great fit. The Bernhardts and Eberhardts have made extensive changes to not only the building, but also to the operation. Offering a very reasonably priced seasonal menu and extensive local products to include New York wine and beer lists, the Gould is still the place to go for a casual dinner and “wonderful” experience.”The Gould” has always had a long-standing historical significance to the Village of Seneca Falls and a rich tradition of community involvement. The owners and management look forward to enhancing what the Gould Hotel has always been known for. The revival of the Gould Hotel is a tribute to the rich history of Seneca Falls with an aspiration to continue to be an integral part of the bright future of the town and the Finger Lakes region. For more information, call 315-712-4000.

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