Fall by GeoTrail on Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway

Ready to jazz up your fall vacation or weekend get-away? Consider immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of the Cayuga Lake fall landscape as you head in anticipation to geocaches along the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway GeoTrail. Will the caches introduce you to a quaint lakeside community and its history or pull you in to taste the sweet nectar of New York State’s Finger Lakes region’s wine country?Whether you’re an avid geocacher or ready to try your hand at this digitally-driven treasure hunt, the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway geocaching trail is a new way to enjoy fall in the Finger Lakes region. To enhance the “Enjoy the Ride” theme of the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway (CLSB), the GeoTrail is designed to take geocachers to multiple scenic, natural, historic and cultural stops around the Cayuga Lake basin.Seasoned geocachers teamed up with the Byway and strategically placed 20 caches in two regions along the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway. Each region contains ten caches. With the CLSB GeoTrail Logbook in hand, geocachers are challenged to locate 15 official CLSB caches. Each cache contains a numbered hole punch that corresponds to a numbered space on the punch strip for the region. Once the geocacher has punched 15 spaces they present the punch sheet at one of five official geocoin distribution sites.The first CLSB geocoin commemorates the 10-year anniversary of the Byway. “The colorful coin is sure to become a prized coin and we’re anxious to see how far afield the coins travel in the geocaching world.” said Byway Chair Cathy Millspaugh.The trail is supported by Geocaching.com (Groundspeak, Inc.), the Cayuga, Seneca and Tompkins counties’ tourism offices and the Towns of Tyre and Ulysses and Village of Interlaken. To learn more about the GeoTrail and what other opportunities the Byway has to offer, visit www.cayugalake.com.Cayuga Lake is one of the 11 Finger Lakes located in the heart of central upstate New York. The Finger Lakes Region offers four seasons of breathtaking beauty, rich history, award-winning wines and exceptional cuisine featuring locally-grown and produced foods.With your colorful Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway geocoin in hand and the rolling crimson and gold colored hills and steep shale cliffs etched in your memory, we’re sure you’ll find yourself already planning a trip back to enjoy more of the ride and Cayuga Lake landscape!

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