SS/Romulus school merger vote approaching

The first of two possible voting dates for the SSCS/Romulus Merger vote is fast approaching. On Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from noon – 8pm, is the straw vote; also referred to as the advisory referendum. Locations to vote are as follows; South Seneca residents vote in the Ovid Middle School cafeteria using the main office entrance and Romulus residents vote in the main lobby of the school using the north end entrance. The merger voting takes place in both districts and needs to be a majority for the merger process to continue. If there is not a majority vote in both districts the merger process stops.The official referendum or statutory vote will be the second opportunity to vote in the merger process. This vote is slated for Tuesday, October 29, noon – 8pm. Again voting will take place in each district and the results require a majority for the merger process to continue.Please contact the district offices of South Seneca or Romulus with any questions or for more information including all findings from the merger study; South Seneca (607) 869.9636 or www.southseneca.org and Romulus (607) 869.5391 or www.rcs.k12.ny.us. Absentee ballots are available, contact the respective District Office.

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