Letter to Tom Reed re: King Amendment

Open Letter to Tom Reed about the “King Amendment:”Dear Representative Reed,I was dismayed to learn of your support for the “King Amendment” in the Farm Bill recently defeated in the House. This amendment was introduced without hearings or comment from the public and protects out of state farms from having to meet stringent NY requirements. It is so vague, it is hard to determine its actual intent or potential impact. The worst provision is the preemption of state and local laws that are determined to affect “agriculture.” The lawmakers in New York enact laws to set standards and protections food safety, animal welfare and worker safety, working conditions wages, and other measures. With the King Amendment, these standards will ONLY apply to New York’s farmers, not to the out-of state farms that do not need to meet the requirements.This bill would not only make it hard for New York to meet consumer demands to improve animal welfare for farm animals, but it would open the NY markets to agricultural goods produced under conditions that are cruel for animals or bad for workers.The King Amendment will hurt NY farmers, farm workers and farm animals and needs to be removed from the bill.I guess, when you said “I have been a strong supporter of states’ rights and I will continue to be a strong supporter of states’ rights,” that means, except when you vote against state rights.I look forward to speaking to your staff to see how you are going to vote on keeping the King Amendment in the Farm Bill.Mary Anne KowalskiRomulus, NY

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