Hector man arrested again at INERGY

Jeremy Alderson, a Hector, NY resident, was arrested outside the gates of the Kansas City based LPG storage facility in Watkins Glen. Alderson was chained to the fence to demonstrate his opposition to the construction of the facility on the West Shore of Seneca Lake at the US Salt Facility.Four police cars showed up at the site, warning Alderson and other protestors that they potentially faced arrest. The long time New York resident was arrested and taken to jail by local authorities.”We don’t have a democracy anymore. Nobody voted for this nobody was consulted about this, its just being imposed on us from outside. We’re the people who live here. These people don’t even live in the area. And all of a sudden our lives are on the line, our livelihoods are on the line, our way of life is on the line and we have no say in it. This is not how it’s supposed to be in America, and thats the biggest issue above all else,” said Jeremy Alderson, publisher of the No-Frack Almanac.This demonstration is a part of series of actions by concerned community members to bring attention to the potential danger created by the compressor station and storage facility. The facility will store liquified fracked gas in salt caverns beneath Seneca Lake.Seneca Lake is a source of drinking water for 100,00 people, and, according to Alderson, an accident could pollute this vital resource.Akderson and others were arrested earlier this year in an incident where protesters chained themselves to a fence at the INERGY front gates.

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