Cayuga Sheriff issues navigation warning

Sheriff David Gould requests the public utilize extreme caution in navigating any of the lakes, rivers, canals or other waterways in Cayuga County over the course of the next several weeks. Due to recent rainfall, all waterways are at an elevated level. The New York State Canal System is running 3-5 feet above normal.This creates a situation where large amounts of dangerous debris such as trees and branches are washed off the shore and into the waterways, often floating unseen below the surface making navigation extremely hazardous.The New York State Canal Corporation issued a Canal System Closure on June 13th covering the Cayuga-Seneca Canal from Lock CS-1 to the Erie Canal junction and the Erie Canal between Locke E-6 & E-25. This means the entire Canal System in Cayuga County has been temporarily closed by the NYS Canal Corporation. For more information on the Canal System, mariners may contact them or verify updates on current closings at 1-800-4CANAL4 or visit www.canals.ny.gov .

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