Seneca Falls Little League Week #1 Scoreboard

Results from Seneca Falls Little League week #1 action for 4/26/2013 through 4/27/2013 as reported by managers of Major and Minor Divisions Baseball and Softball.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 42713Time of Game: 5:30 pmScore: 10 Ciccino’s Pizzeria Vs. 9 FingerLakes1.com************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 4/26/13Time of Game: 6:30 pmScore: 13 Avicolli’s Pizzeria Vs. 3 Generations BankWinning Team Highlights:The Avicolli’s Pizzeria bats were hot in their season opener against Generations Bank. Carley Branch, Ashlynn Currier, Makenzi Sullivan, and Murphy John had three hits each while Allyson Cragle, Katelyn Cragle, Hannah Goldberg, Carleigh Madden, and Marissa Voorhees contributed RBI hits. Murphy John pitched a scoreless inning and had 3 strikeouts.Other Team Highlights:Leah Redding, Faith Rhinehart, and Emma Wick all singled and scored for Generations Bank************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 04-26-13Time of Game: 8:00 PMScore: 11 All Creatures Vet Hospital Vs. 10 Wilson PressWinning Team Highlights:The bats came alive in the 4th 5th and 6th inning for all creatures to pull out a win in the bottom of the sixth inning. Spencer John had two doubles, William Rhinehart had a double and a single, Collin Zettlemoyer had two singles and Jeremy Porter had three singles. William Rhinehart Pitched 4 innings and struck out 9 batters.Other Team Highlights:Ben McDonald had a triple and Matt Reardon had a double for Wilson Press************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: April 27Time of Game: 10 amScore: 9 State Farm Vs. 8 Elks ClubWinning Team Highlights:DJ Bruni scored the winning run in the bottom of the sixth on a passed ball to give State Farm an opening day win. DJ Bruni tallied 3 hits with Luke Spinner and Nick Jones each having two hits. Other Team Highlights:Jared King and Griifen Pundt each smacked a homerun for the Elks Club. Jared King added a triple and a single for a 3 hit day.************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: April 27thTime of Game: 12:30Score: 10 Downtown Deli Vs. 24 Waterloo ContainerWinning Team Highlights:Caitlyn Korzenewski went 6 for 6 with 5 runs. Aubrey Gill went 3 for 3 with 4 runs and a walk. helping crack in three hits a piece were Rydney Rook, Cameron Rook, Sydney Sandroni, Riley Rhinehart and Skyler Parish.Other Team Highlights:Gretchen Prine went 4 for 5 with 3 runs. Chloe Morrell went 4 for 4 with two runs. Regann Fleming went 3 for 4 with 3 runs while Merideth Prine and Evelyn Bolzer cracked in whith 3 hits each.************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 4/27/13Time of Game: 3:00Score: 6 FL Federal Credit Union Vs. 1 Roloson ElectricWinning Team Highlights:Ira Aman had 2 singles and an RBI, Lukas Day had 2 singles, Braedon Cupp and Zach Kelley each had a single. Ben Jessop had 1 RBI.Ira Aman struck out 5 batters and earned the win. Braedon Cupp closed the game striking out 3 batters.Other Team Highlights:Carson Kiah walked in the 6th inning and scored the team’s only run.Christian Torres and Jake Smith pitched for Roloson Electric, each of them striking out three batters.************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 4/27/13Time of Game: 5:30Score: 8 FL Christian Fellowship Vs. 2 McDonaldsWinning Team Highlights:The kids played a terrific defensive game in the 3rd with three caught (in the air outs) by three different infielders.Heath Brown-Trice, Ethan Hilimire and Liam Reilly pitched the closing three innings and gave up 0 runs!Other Team Highlights:McDonald’s catchers played terrific defense and the team played very well together – a great game.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 04/27/13Time of Game: 8:00PMScore: 18 All Creatures Vet Hospital Vs. 10 Ciccino’s PizzeriaWinning Team Highlights:All Creatures bats saved them in a back and forth game.Anthony Favia led the way with a double and 4 RBI’s,Roy Kane and Spencer John both had tripples William Rhinehart and Collin Zettlemoyer doubled. Isiah Plummer also drove in 2 runs. Jeremy Porter Pitched for the win and Ethan Spinner came in for the save.Other Team Highlights:Griffon Herron trippled and William Palmer doubled.************************

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