Waterloo police beat for 4/5/13

4/4/13 – 2120hrs – Arrest of Chelsea N. Ticer, age 23, residing at 41Church St Apt F5, Waterloo for AUO 3rd, Insufficient Tail Lamp andUninspected Motor Vehicle. She was released on tickets.4/2/13 – 2345hrs – Arrest of Allen M. Juitt, age 24, residing at 7 ½ W.Williams St, Waterloo on a Bench Warrant for Failure to Pay Fine. He wasalso found to be in possession of marijuana at the time of his arrest. Hewas arraigned in Waterloo Village Court and paid his past due fine. Healso pled guilty to the UPM charge and was fined.4/2/13 – 1750hrs – Arrest of Jonathan R. Bruce, age 22, residing at 7657Creek Side Circle, Sodus for AUO 3rd and Unlicensed Operation. He wasreleased on tickets.4/1/13 – 1550hrs – Arrest of Jim E. Reed, age 25, residing at 365 Wat-GenRd Lot 41, Waterloo on a Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear. He was sentto SCCF on bail.3/30/13 – 1800hrs – Arrest of Randi L. Shelton, age 29. residing at 332Cross Rd, Geneva for AUO 3rd, Operating a Suspended Motor Vehicle andUnlicensed Operation. She was released on tickets.3/29/13 – 0035hrs – Arrest of Joshua A. Jones, age 19, residing at 41Church St Apt C7, Waterloo for AUO 3rd, Suspended Registration andOperating Without Insurance. He was released on tickets.3/28/13 – 2005hrs – Arrest of Christine L. Tam, age 49, residing at 43 N.Seneca St, Waterloo for AUO 3rd and Failure To Signal Turn. She wasreleased on tickets.3/28/13 – 1330hrs – Arrest of Sean P. Kodweis, age 21, residing at 21 ½ W.Water St, Waterloo for AUO 3rd and Failure to Yield Right of Way. He wasreleased on tickets.3/27/13 – 0800hrs – Arrest of Curtis A. Doreen, age 50, residing at 86Mynderse St, Seneca Falls for Criminal Contempt 2nd. He is accused ofviolating an order of protection by making unwanted contact with aWaterloo resident. He was ROR’d in Waterloo Village Court.3/26/13 – 0130hrs – Arrest of Yvonne L. Taylor, age 39, residing at 2Jellicle Lane, Waterloo for AUO 3rd and Inadequate Lights. She wasreleased on tickets.3/24/13 – 0130hrs – Arrest of Conner Fox, age 19, residing at 1270 MottRd, Phelps on charges of DWI, BAC level over .08% and Possession ofAlcohol Under 21, on East Elisha Street. He was released on tickets to aparent.

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