Delavan daughters donate art to Seneca Museum

The Seneca Museum of Waterways & Industry would like to thank Debbie Delavan-Chatham and Edie Delavan-Steele, two of the daughters of Nelson P. Delavan Jr. and Edith B. Delavan, for considering the Seneca Museum as a recipient of several pieces from the art collection of Nelson (sculpture & paintings) and Edith (photography & weaving). This will allow the Seneca Museum to honor the museum founders by showcasing their art.The Seneca Museum began to define its mission in 1997. In 1998 when Nelson and Edith Delavan acquired the building, at 89 Fall Street, it needed extensive renovation, inside and out. It was the perfect means of expression for them since Nelson’s family had five-generations of roots in Seneca County. The primary plan for the building was tailored to fit the mission of the Seneca Museum which was “to examine different aspects of Seneca County history, its lands and its waters, in order to educate visitors about the unique heritage of the area,” carried forward with programs and activities. That mission has been recognized and the Seneca Museum is now one of the five museum’s on the Seneca Falls Museum Trail where 18,000 tourists and community members visit annually.

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