Live webcast from Seneca Falls on New Year’s Eve

FingerLakes1.com will be live webcasting the ringing in of a new year on New Year’s Eve in Seneca Falls on Monday evening.An annual tradition in Seneca Falls, a glowing ball drops above Antonina’s Restaurant as the final seconds of 2012 slip away. Then, the hundreds of revelers that gather in the historic Sacket District on Bridge Street celebrate the start of a new year.This year’s webcast on FingerLakes1.TV is brought to you by Midey, Mirras & Ricci, Attorneys at Law and D.A. Liquors on Bridge Street in Seneca Falls.The live webcast will begin at 11:30 pm EST on Monday evening and conclude around 12:15 am on Tuesday, January 1st.This will be the second live webcast of NYE in Seneca Falls. You can watch last year’s webcast here.HOW TO WATCH:To watch live, simply log on to www.fingerlakes1.TV or watch for the link to the webcast at FingerLakes1.com.Or, better yet, come down and join us in person! Get directions here.You can hook up your laptop or PC to your television set and go full screen for party viewing. Also, any Internet enabled televisions or Google TV equipped sets can go directly to http://www.fingerlakes1.tv in the Chrome browser.The live webcast is not available for viewing on iPads or smartphones. The recorded webcast will be made available by Tuesday morning for viewing on these devices.

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