Juveniles vandalize, defecate & urinate at Hillside

On November 27.2012 Seneca County Sheriff’s Investigators arrested two juvenile offenders for BURGLARY-3RD DEG, CRIMINAL MISCHIEF – 4 and PETIT LARCENY. Their names are not being released due to their age.It is alleged that on November 9th 2012 two residents of the Hillside Children’s center left the housing dormitory without permission. While on campus unsupervised the two youths broke into the campus cafeteria and damaged several items.While there they threw food and condiments around the kitchen area, as well as urinated and defecated in the kitchen. The two then stole a case of ice cream bars and left the building with knives and a cell phone from the kitchen area.After consuming all the ice cream the two then made their way to the campus green house and cut the walls to gain entry to the building. While inside they poured paint on the floor and pried open drawers and cabinets.After throwing the contents of the cabinets and drawers around the greenhouse they both left the building. While outside on campus the two youths punctured a campus vehicle tire and hid the cell phone and knives around the campus. The two youths were eventually found and returned to the dormitory by campus staff. Investigators and Deputies were able to recover the knives and cell phone and secure them.Both juveniles were issued juvenile appearance tickets and are to appear in front of Seneca County Family Court at a later date

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