Seneca voters to consider Prop One on election day

On Election Day the voters of Seneca County will have the opportunity to vote on Proposal Number One, County Proposition Number One relating to my request to move the Civil Office from the Village of Waterloo to the law Enforcement Center in Romulus. It is as follows: “Shall the Civil Office of the Seneca County Sheriff’s be permanently removed from its present location at the Seneca County Office Building, 1 DiPronio Drive, in the Village of Waterloo, New York, to the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center located in the Town of Romulus at 6150 Route 96, Romulus, New York?”The Civil Office is authorized by law to act as the enforcement arm for all courts including Local, County, State and Federal jurisdictions. The Civil Office serves a nd executes the numerous legal processes issued by non-criminal courts. Among the legal processes served for the general public and the courts are notices, summonses, subpoenas and warrants of eviction. The Seneca County Civil Office handles in excess of $400,000 each year.Today the majority of transactions performed in the Civil Office are completed by telephone, mail or electronically. Payments to the Civil Office can be made electronically without appearing at the office. Because of these reasons and the fact that our Fiscal Manager works in the LEC and should have daily oversight of the Civil Office and the monies handled thru the office, I have requested that the Civil Office be moved to the Law Enforcement Center in Romulus. An office is present at the LEC for the public to deal directly with the Civil Office personnel while in the main lobby.To the Seneca County voters, I am asking that next Tuesday when you go to the polls you vote YES on Proposal Number One, County Proposition Number One and help me continue to make your Sheriff’s Office more streamline and efficient by moving the Civil Office to our law enforcement location.Sheriff Jack Stenberg

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