Over 30k turn to FL1 for storm info on Monday

As Hurricane Sandy moved up the East Coast and into the Finger Lakes on Monday, FingerLakes1.com was providing the latest news, radar, forecast, video and cancellation info for area residents.Our most recent Google Analytics report shows that 30,823 visitors came to FingerLakes1.com and our network sites on Monday, up from our daily average of just under 20,000.Because we maintain our datacenter in our downtown Seneca Falls office and have power backed up via a natural gas generator, we were able to maintain availability of our site even during a couple of brief power outages in our area.FingerLakes1.com was also able to provide a 24-hour live stream of the Weather Channel’s storm coverage in addition to our local news index, Weather Center, and local cancellation index.In times of distress or emergency, we here at FingerLakes1.com, Inc. are proud that so many turn to us for vital, timely information.We pledge to use all our resources to provide our visitors with the important information they need during these times as well as the ability to connect with each other via our forums and Internet Television Network at FingerLakes1.tv.

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