Music Night Thursday at T-Burg Fair

This Thursday is the T-burg Fair Music Night!”JEB AND THEM” WILL BE THE HOST BAND, AND INVITE MANY A FRIEND ANDMUSICIAN UP TO JOIN THEM THROUGHOUT THE EVENING.Featuring:Jeb Puryear, of DTBSim Redmond, of SRBTara Nevins, of DTBTrevor MacDonald, OF SWJeff Claus & Judy Hyman, of The HorsefliesKevin Kinsella, formerly of JBBJen Middaugh, of SRBUniit Carruyo, formerly of SRBPark Doing, of The Atomic ForcesGregor Sayet-Bone, of the TalktomesMaddy Walsh, of The Blind SpotsThe Gunpoets,The Double E,Hank Roberts,Crow Greenspun,Juge Greenspun,Lydia Garrison,and North American Lunar$4 ENTRANCE TO FAIR (come early and go on some rides!)$3 ENTRANCE TO MUSIC GRANDSTAND AREASee ya at the Grandstand!

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