Finger Lakes Mud Run coming to Owasco

The quiet solitude of the 160-acre Everest Park in Owasco will erupt on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the inaugural Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park, which is open to anyone age 13 or older. An expected 600 mud-runners will take on a challenging military-style trail run that pits them against mud-washed gullies, mud-covered embankments, twisting mazes, swampy forests, and other obstacles, on one of two courses that will turn the park into a good old-fashioned mud-bath. Music, food, costume contests, an awards ceremony and an after-party are also part of the event. More information and is available online at www.fingerlakesmudrun.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fingerlakesmudrun.The goal of the Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park is to raise $130,000. The proceeds will be used to benefit the Brian Bisgrove Home of Courage which is located at the park, and to further the mission of Everest Park itself. The Home of Courage is a fully stocked and furnished log cabin, serving as respite/retreat for children with life-altering illnesses or conditions, and their families. It can be used for up to one week at a time. The mission of Everest Park is to be a location and resource that encourages and fosters team-building, unity, and cooperation among youth groups, families, and humanitarian organizations.The Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park is different from many other mud runs in one way. It’s open to anyone age 13 or older. Many mud runs have a minimum age requirement of 18, according to Everest Park Committee Chairman John Alberici. Alberici says, “Our mud run is modeled after military-style trail runs, and we expect to see a lot of serious mud runners at it. But, we want this to be a family event as well, because the missions of Everest Park and the Brian Bisgrove Home of Courage are to serve families. Completing the mud run is not what’s most important. Participating and doing your best as a team is what matters. For that reason, it makes sense to allow teenagers to tackle the 9 obstacles on the 1.7-short course, so families can participate as teams. Our 16-obstacle, 3.1-mile long course is designed more for adults and serious mud running teams, and we’re confident they’ll find it quite challenging.”Specifically, the proceeds from the Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park will be used for expenses such as food, household supplies, utilities, maintenance, and other costs associated with maintaining a fully-equipped home, so the families using it don’t need to bring anything with them, when they use it. The funds will also be used to assist with the construction of 5 additional respite cabins at Everest Park, new athletic fields, and the maintenance and improvement of the park’s existing infrastructure.The Home of Courage is being used right now by central New York family Peter and Renee Curkendall, and their six children. Four of the Curkendall’s children are “medically fragile”, according to Peter Curkendall. It’s named after Brian Bisgrove, an Auburn native who suffered from brain cancer, and passed away in 1998 at the age of 21. Bisgrove was studying to be a priest when he was diagnosed with cancer, He is also recognized as the founder of the boy’s and girl’s clubs ConQuest and Challenge, respectively, which have chapters across the country.Alberici says Bisgrove spent a lot of time at Everest Park while studying to be a priest, and after he was diagnosed with cancer. “Brian Bisgrove often spoke about wanting Everest Park to be a place where families, youth groups, and other organizations could come and build their cooperative skills and camaraderie into cohesive units. That’s why we chose a mud run as a fund-raising event for the Home of Courage. The nature of mud runs, and the way they’re set up, creates the perfect opportunity for groups of people to do that.”Mud Runners are encouraged to sign up in teams of five for the Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park, however individual registrations are also accepted. There is a fee to participate, and participants must sign a liability waiver. Online registration and liability waivers will be available soon at www.fingerlakesmudrun.com.Planning for the Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park began in November 2011. The event is being limited to 600 participants in order to accommodate the size of Everest Park and available parking. Spectators are welcome to attend. An estimated 125 volunteers will be working on the day of the event to coordinate it and make it happen. Volunteers are in place, but more are welcome. People interested in volunteering can also sign up on the website, www.fingerlakesmudrun.com.

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