Ithaca Commons construction update

We received this notice from the City of Ithaca regarding test borings they need to do on the Commons next week. Please note that this is not the start of Commons reconstruction. To properly cost out the project and to engineer it properly, folks need to know the soil conditions beneath the pavement. Our understanding is that each drill hole will take no more than half a day. Crews have pledged to do their best to avoid inconvenience to customers and patrons. If you have any questions or concerns about the work, call the project manager Brooks Hendrix directly at 274-6530.PROJECT NAME: Commons Rehabilitation ProjectPROJECT LOCATION: The CommonsPROJECT TYPE: Sub-surface exploration / Soil BoringsPROJECT DESCRIPTION: Beginning on Monday July 23, 2012 the City of Ithaca and CME Associates will begin collecting soil samples from beneath the Commons sidewalk. There will be a drilling rig, very similar to a water well drilling rig only smaller, which will be located on the sidewalk of the Commons. There are thirteen boring locations throughout the Commons. There will be some noise generated by the equipment during this operation. Most of the noise will be the drilling rig’s motor and some grinding of the coring bit passing through the concrete sidewalk.PROJECT START DATE: Monday, July 23, 2012SCHEDULED COMPLETION DATE:Friday, July 27, 2012LOCAL IMPACTS:Any borings that are in close proximity to business establishments shall be done first in the morning to avoid any customer inconvenience. Pedestrians will need to be mindful and not cross into the work zone, which will be established at each location.

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