Cardboard Boat Regatta nears in Watkins Glen

The 19th Edition of the Watkins Glen Cardboard Boat Regatta is just around the corner…June 16th at 2pm. And, for Regatta aficionados that means it’s time to dig out those vintage Regatta Tee Shirts. Designed and hand drawn by Fred Wickham, artist extraordinary, each year’s Regatta tee shirts feature Ajax and Comet…two waterfront characters who are always up for a cardboard adventure.The 1st Annual featured Ajax and Comet setting sail in the Seneca Harbor Park Marina in a corn flakes box. Since then they have engaged in many hijinks including befriending the W2K bug, partying with Davy Jones, riding a cardboard tree, building a cardboard rocket, submarine racing, and many more Seneca Lake adventures.This year’s edition colorful edition finds Ajax and Comet have gone Mayan and engaged in building a “Cardboard” 2012 Mayan Calendar. As is tradition, the Seneca Lodge logo is proudly displayed on the front of each Regatta Tee with Comet and Ajax on the back. As only 300 of these collectable tees are printed each year…they are always in high demand. The Cardboard Regatta, a Watkins Glen Promotions event, takes place June 16th at 2pm at Seneca Harbor Park event. There is no charge for Admission or parking. Come early for the Concourse de Cardboard and vote for the “Most Popular” cardboard craft. All proceeds benefit the JDRF of the Southern Tier.

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