Seneca Falls Little League Weekly Report 5/29

SENECA FALLS LITTLE LEAGUE WEEKLY GAME UPDATE As reported by managers of Major and Minor Divisions Baseball and Softball.************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 5/20/2012Time of Game: 3:30PMScore: 14 NY Chiropractic College Vs. 13 FL Christian FellowshipWinning Team Highlights:NYCC defeats FL Christian narrowly, 14-13, fighting through the afternoons’ extreme heat. Kelin DeJohn led the charge going 4-4, with the game-winning double and singling three times. Griffin Herron went 3-3, adding a big triple and two singles. Jared King goes 3-4, doubling once with two singles. Riley Booth and Cody VanEchaute both went 2-3, each adding a double and single. Johnny Breese, Kevin Zettlemoyer, and AJ Alfiere each singled twice. Jared King gets the pitching win for NYCC, and the save, with 3 strike-outs. Kevin Zettlemoyer fought through the heat as catcher. Other Team Highlights:Nate Seely went 3-3 with three singles. Nick Myers doubled and singled, while Philip Jang and Damon Fletcher both singled twice. Christopher Lisk singled.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 5/20Time of Game: 5pmScore: 14 Avicolli’s Pizzeria – SF Vs. 11 Isabella Spa – GVA************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 05/20/12Time of Game: 6 pmScore: 9 Ciccinos Pizzeria Vs. 0 Sportsman’s Club – WlooWinning Team Highlights:Jackson Puylara was 1 for 2 with a run and an RBI. Owen Smith had 2 hits. Jeremy Howe scored 3 runs. William Rhinehart was 3 for 3 with 5 RBI’s. Rhinehart picked up the win with 10 strikeouts.Other Team Highlights:Spina had 2 hits and Bohrer had 1 hit.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 5/20/2012Time of Game: 6 PMScore: 2 Lyons Club – Wloo Vs. 16 All Creatures Veterinary Hosp.Winning Team Highlights:All Creatures wins over Waterloo Lyons Club 16-2 after four, with a solid hitting performance, putting up 7 in the first. Trent Youngs went 4-4 with four singles. Jeffrey DeJohn goes 3-4, including an in-the-park homer and two singles. Nick Hartwell also went 3-4 and gets home on a double, and singles twice. Trevor Veeder contributed a double and a single going 2-3. Spencer John added two singles. James Mitchel and Derek Corsner both singled.Spencer John gets the pitching win allowing only two hits, while striking out 8 batters. Nick Hartwell gets the save, striking out 2.Other Team Highlights:McCann went 2-2, singling twice. Mattoon gets a triple and strikes out 4 batters.************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 5/21/2012Time of Game: 6:30Score: 8 Royce & Rosenkrans Vs. 15 Ferrara LumberWinning Team Highlights:Murphy John continued her excellent hitting, going 2 for 2 with 2 runs scored. Margauex Eller also went 2 for 2 with 3 RBI’s. Cheyenne Rotunda added 2 RBI’s as well.Other Team Highlights:Chloe Morrrel led the charge for Royce and Rosenkrans with 2 hits and 2 RBI’s. Libby Kane added 2 hits.************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 5/21/12Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 4 FL Christian Fellowship Vs. 13 FL Federal Credit UnionWinning Team Highlights:Billy Betrus had a single, a triple, and an in-park home run along with 4RBI; Nick Twardeski hit three 1B and had 3RBI; Jared Hartwell had a single, a double, and 2RBI; Matthew Reardon had a single, a double, and 1RBI; Mason Major and Lucas Hooker each had a single and an RBI; Zach Kelley and Chris Lucas had two hits each; Morgen Major and Ira Aman each had a hit.Zach Kelley was the winning pitcher with 5 strike outs; Morgen Major finished the last 4 batters earning one shared strikeout.Other Team Highlights:Cole Dickson doubled, Nick Meyers had a single and an RBI, Nate Seely and Shane Saxton each had a single. Philip Jang pitched three innings and had 4 strike outs.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 5/22/2012Time of Game: 6:00PMScore: 11 Ciccinos Pizzeria Vs. 14 Roloson ElectricWinning Team Highlights:David Grabbatin (2 IP)picked up the win in relief of Devin Anderson (4 IP). Grabbatin logged 2 doubles and 3 RBI while going 3 for 4 at the plate. Anderson finished 3 for 4 at the dish while scoring 2 runs and driving in one. Joe Robinson added a triple in a 3 for 4 effort at the plate adding 3 RBI. Kellen Caraher doubled and tripled while batting 3 for 4 and scoring 3 runs. Freddie Roth and Ben McDonald each added 2 hits and an RBI. Other Team Highlights:Jackson Puylara led Ciccinos with a 3 for 4 effort at the plate, scoring 2 runs and driving in 2 runs. Anthony Favia went 2 for 3 with a double. Jeremy Howe batted 2 for 3 with a double. Kevin Hubbard tripled and Owen Smith added a double for Ciccinos.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 5/22Time of Game: 6pmScore: 14 Avicolli’s Pizzeria – SF Vs. 13 Waterloo Container – SF************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 5/23/2012Time of Game: 6:00PMScore: 2 Max’s Custard Vs. 6 Roloson ElectricWinning Team Highlights:Joe Robinson picked up the win on the mound going 5-1/3 innings while striking out 10 and allowing 4 hits. David Grabbatin went 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI. Devin Anderson went 2 for 3 with a run scored. Joe Robinson added a double, scored 2 runs, and picked up an RBI. Kellen Caraher recorded the final 2 outs on the mound and added a single at the plate. Freddie Roth and Devin Carey added singles and 1 RBI each. Other Team Highlights:Jesse Kabat recorded 9 strike outs for Max’s Custard while going 2 for 3 at the plate with a triple. Hunter Haust added a triple. Keegan Baker and Jordan Love each added singles.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 5/26/12Time of Game: 9:00 AMScore: 12 Max’s Custard Vs. 2 Stevers’ GarageWinning Team Highlights:Keegan Baker pitched a 5 hitter with 13 strikeouts for Max’s Custard. Baker had 4 hits incuding 2 triples and a double. Jesse Kabat, 2 hits, Devon Rasbeck, 2 hits including a double, Hunter Haust, Double, Evan Barnett, double and Thomas Lapp and William Palmer added singles for Max’s. Other Team Highlights:Jaret Follet had 2 hits including a double. Elijah Prosser, Peyton Stevers and Carter Shumway’s triple added hits for Stevers Garage.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 5/26/2012Time of Game: 2 PMScore: 10 All Creatures Veterinary Hosp. Vs. 9 Ciccinos PizzeriaWinning Team Highlights:All Creatures edges Ciccino’s 10-9 with a 2 RBI triple belted by Trevor Veeder (3-4) in the bottom of the sixth. Veeder also singled twice. Nick Hartwell had flawless performance going 4-4, with two doubles and two singles (3 RBIs). Jeffrey DeJohn (3-4) had a solid game with an RBI in-the park homer and singling twice, adding an RBI. Daniel Lerch was consistent (3-4) with three singles (2 RBIs). Derek Corsner, Patrick Jenkins (1 RBI), Trent Youngs, and Spencer John all chipped in for the win with singles.Jeffrey DeJohn gets the pitching win. Nick Hartwell with the save striking out three.Other Team Highlights:Jackson Puylara (3-4) had an RBI triple in the sixth with two singles. William Rhinehart (3-4) with a double and two singles (3 RBIs). Zach Doeing (3-4) had three singles (2 RBIs). Owen Smith (2-3) singled twice (1 RBI). Jeremy Howe (2-4) had an RBI double and singled once. Anthony Favia (1-3) pitched in with an RBI single.

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