Cruelty charges in Romulus after Facebook video

On April 16th, 2012 Seneca County SPCA investigators charged two Romulus women with animal cruelty. Christina Scibona and Debbra Dean-Singer are accused of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. They are scheduled to appear in Romulus Town Court on April 27th, 2012 to answer the charges.The SPCA received information that there was a video posted on Facebook that represented cruelty to animals. The video showed a tiny white kitten being spun around on a smooth vinyl floor until it became disoriented and dizzy and unable to walk. When the kitten frantically stumbled away the participants were heard laughing and the kitten was grabbed and spun again. When interviewed by the SPCA, the subjects claimed that they did not know this was cruel and thought it was funny. One of them told investigators that she “spins” her children as well.Jenny McWhorter, President of the SPCA, said “what children observe in their homes is carried on to the rest of their lives. These women were teaching their children that, not only was it OK to torture a tiny kitten, it was funny enough to video record and put on Facebook. We need to educate that terrorizing a small animal is not OK and that there are consequences for cruelty.”According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, “A kid who is abusive to a pet is quite often acting out violence directly experienced or witnessed in the home.” About one-third of children who are exposed to family violence will act out this violence, often against their own pets.The women are charged with torturing the kitten, a misdemeanor under section 353 of New York State Agriculture and Markets law. Two tiny kittens that were surrendered to the Seneca County SPCA in this case are available to loving adoptive homes. Please call 315-945-9931 for more info.

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