Women’s Hall in Seneca Falls Reorganizes

The National Women’s Hall of Fame (NWHF) has announced that it is reorganizing to strengthen its national presence and to build on its strong legacy in Seneca Falls. “Since its founding in Seneca Falls in 1969, the NWHF has celebrated the achievements of 247 pioneering American women through our successful Induction weekends, said Beverly Ryder, President of the NWHF Board of Directors.The Board will focus its reorganization strategy on:1. Raising capital funds to match a Restore NY Grant;2. Increasing the operating income funding stream and3. Leveraging technological innovation to broaden coverage and increase awareness.A strategic priority for the NWHF is to raise funds to match a $2.5 million Restore New York Grant for the rehabilitation of the historic Seneca Knitting Mill, the future home for the organization. “The board also recognizes that we need to build upon our current fund raising strategy to increase and supplement the operating cash flow funding stream,” said Ryder. “We have made some staffing reductions which will impact operations of the NWHF Museum located at the Seneca Falls Historic District. While we are in transition the Museum will operate on a limited basis. In the near term, the NWHF will focus on maintaining and enhancing its virtual presence at www.greatwomen.org.Visitors can still view information on NWHF’s virtual museum, www.greatwomen.org, which has recently been updated to provide a better viewer experience as they learn more about great American Women.“The NWHF’s strong legacy and expanded vision are the foundation for us to broaden our National scope. Successful events were recently held in Chicago and in Los Angeles to expand awareness and visibility of the Hall. “We are already planning an event in the Nation’s Capitol in June to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX. I am looking forward to inspiring more women to greater achievements,” said Ryder.

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