Man scams elderly Victory woman out of $4,200

Sheriff David Gould reports that the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one person in connection with a scam which amounted to the theft of over $4,200.00 from an elderly woman who resides in the Town of Victory.On January 11th 2012 Cayuga County Sheriff’s Detectives received a call from Cayuga County Adult Protective who reported a possible fraud being perpetrated against a 77 year old woman who resides alone. The report was generated by a US Postal worker from the Red Creek Post Office who observed notices on the victim’s residence that her heat bills were not being paid. The postal worker was familiar with the victims living circumstances and alerted Adult Protective. Adult Protective responded to the residence and later alerted the Sheriff’s Office to a possible scam being perpetrated against the woman which was preventing her from being able to pay her own bills. A criminal investigation was conducted which culminated in an arrest yesterday afternoon.CapronCharged is: Harold R. Capron age 47 of 5793 Westbury Rd. Red Creek, NY. Capron was charged with one count of Grand Larceny in the third degree (felony) and remanded to the Cayuga County Jail without bail. Capron has three prior felony convictions and is currently on parole.The investigation revealed that this elderly woman had been the victim of a phone scam approximately three to four years ago at which time she lost several thousand dollars. Capron developed a scheme and convinced the woman that he had hired an attorney to assist her in recuperating her money. Capron would accompany the victim to her bank to cash her Social Security checks and then take over $600.00 from her each time, telling her the money was going to her attorney. This scheme went on for over 7 months totaling over $4,200.00. The investigation revealed that there was no such attorney ever contacted and that Capron spent the woman’s money for his own benefit. The diligence and alertness of the US Postal worker combined with the cooperation between Adult Protective and the Sheriff’s Office was instrumental in bringing an end to the victimization of this vulnerable woman. Out of concern for her privacy, the victim’s name is being withheld.

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