Local author to air podcast on History Network

The History Network recently released a free audio podcast of author MichaelKarpovage’s published article on the tragic mission of Revolutionary War scout Thomas Boyd. Formilitary history lovers, the story of Boyd’s ill-fated 1779 mission is an exposé of how a youngcocky rebel officer makes a series of deadly errors resulting in the ambush of his 29-man unit. Butit’s also a dramatic mystery pitting enemy Freemasons against each other in a test of loyalty totheir ancient fraternity. Resulting in one of the most heinous torture deaths in American militaryhistory, “Betrayed By A Mason?” is a 33-minute listen that was heavily researched by Karpovage asa cross-promotional piece to his 2009 mystery thriller novel Crown of Serpents. Boyd’s ambush andMasonic appeal is depicted in the novel’s opening scene.“Be forewarned,” says Karpovage. “Boyd’s torture death, at the hands of the Iroquois Indians, willturn your stomach. But it may have been avoided if one of the most sacred tenets of Freemasonrywas honored – even between enemy soldiers.” One of those soldiers was the first Native American tobecome a Freemason: Chief Joseph Brant of the Mohawk tribe, the epitome of the “noble savage.”The free audio podcast can be downloaded on iTunes under The History Network, episode 1203. Orby visiting TheHistoryNetwork.org. A free PDF of Karpovage’s article and a link to the podcast canbe found at CrownofSerpents.com/backstory.Michael Karpovage is a resident of Roswell, Georgia who hails from western New York. He runsKarpovageCreative.com as a designer, map illustrator, and novelist. He is currently working on hisnext mystery thriller invoking Civil War and Cherokee Indian history set in present day Georgia.

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