International Jelly Week Finds Home in Roch.

Rochester is famous for cameras and copiers, but its “Jelly” is starting to raise eyebrows as well.Rochester’s Jelly isn’t the homemade preserve, but part of the international coworking movement, currently taking place in more than 100 cities around the world. The Cascade district’s Coworking Rochester is hosting Rochester’s local version of Worldwide Jelly Week, as it is known, which goes from Jan. 16-22.During Jelly Week anyone is welcome to drop by Coworking Rochester and experience coworking. Aside from New York City, Rochester is the only other location in New York state participating in this year’s Worldwide Jelly Week.Jelly is a natural extension of the community focused, collaborative working environment typical of coworking, said David Moffitt, Coworking Rochester’s founder.“The great thing about Jelly is that a lot of people get to experience the collaboration and fun that is coworking,” he said. “People get a chance to try coworking for free, while meeting new, like-minded individuals at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.”Coworking Rochester is located at 72 Cascade Drive. The space offers free Wi-Fi, bottomless coffee and open seating. Those looking to participate in this year’s Worldwide Jelly Week can simply drop by Coworking Rochester for free access all week.

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