Town of Seneca Falls Transition Update

Village residents unaccustomed to paying town taxes may experience some sticker shock when viewing their Town and County Tax Bill, but the important fact to remember is that there will be no village tax bill. It amounts to a pay now; save later program.The bill consists of a series of charges including county tax, town tax which includes highway, fire, village debt service, refuse, and recycling. Town residents are already familiar with this format, but it is new for village residents. The refuse & recycling charges are per unit fees. The town tax, fire district, and debt service amount to $5.49 per thousand. This is approximately 40% of the former village tax rate of $16.93 per thousand. Your savings for the year will be $11.44 per thousand. On an assessed value of $100,000 savings will be $1144 or more than 60%.Outer town residents will see their highway tax eliminated, the fire tax lowered, and the refuse fee lowered. The increase for town outside residents is $2.30 per thousand or $230 on a $100,000 house.The result of dissolution is that revenues are shared equally by all town residents instead of primarily supporting town outside the village residents. The total budget for the Town is $10,171,005. Of that amount only $1,675,471 is raised through town taxes. This number is expected to be lower for 2013 as the debt district fees are reduced and $90,000 in rent is eliminated with movement to the renovated Town Hall.

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