Seneca Falls hunters’ TV show debuts Monday

The Seneca Falls residents are set to debut a new show on the Sportsman Channel next week. Check out the series description below from www.thesportsmanchannel.com.Seneca Falls, Seneca County, New York, USA is the setting for this hilarious series. Animal House Outdoors is a series about three individuals living totally different lifestyles yet sharing the same interest of hunting in the quaint Upstate New York town of Seneca Falls.Chip Spaulding, Marc Balistreri and Chad Olschewske star in the series with guest appearances by Quoff Swavo and Willy “G”. You will see breakthrough performance for each of the stars displaying not only their acting ability but quality hunting and fishing skills. With these three unpredictable individuals taking everything they’ve learned to the extreme, you’re bound to be entertained! Over the last several years the AHO boys have been pulling pranks on each other creating a different take on the hunting industry. While their antics are hysterical and edgy they never disrespect the animals they kill. The thrill of the hunt is always in the forefront of their filming integrity. The outdoor scene is gunna change forever!On this week’s episode:Join the animal house crew this week as they introduce a new member to the gang and take a road trip across the country to harass outdoor celebrities. AIR TIMES:Monday, 12/26 7:00 PM Tuesday, 12/27 10:30 AM Friday, 12/30 2:00 AM

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