Seneca Falls Highway Dept. changes as of Jan. 1

The Dissolution takes effect for the Village and Town of Seneca Falls on January 1, 2012. As this process moves along, some policies and guidelines in the Village now will change to accommodate the village and the Town residents.One is Garbage Collection. The Town has hired an outside private hauler to collect garbage. For some, your collection day may change and others will remain the same. You will be notified if your day is scheduled to be changed. The manner of collection will not change. You will continue to have Totes and the same truck will continue to pick up.Bulky Rubbish and Brush Pick Up. The old system of placing your rubbish and brush at curbside, will be replaced using a dumpster method. You will be asked to schedule for a dumpster drop off. A dumpster will be delivered to your house so you can fill it. Then the Highway Department will pick it up. The Town has several sizes to accommodate your needs. All residents, both of the former Village and current Town residents will be able to use this service. No contractors or businesses please. We will work very hard to make this system work for everyone.Also, the Highway Department is making a drop off area where you can bring items in and place them in their assigned areas. There will be areas for household items, brush, white goods and tires (car and pickups only). The site will be at 187 Ovid Street.Each year in May there will be a Hazardous Waste Day. You can bring computers, monitors, TVs, liquids (oils and paint), batteries and propane tanks. This day will be announced.Every year there will also be a general collection. Two brush and leaves only pick ups. One in the Spring and another in the Fall. A Summer one for all other rubbish (household items, furniture). These dates will be announced.The increase area that has to be covered due to this Dissolution will be a big undertaking for the Highway Department. With this system we can better use our workers more effectively and save tax dollars.We hope all will do their share in making this new process work smoothly and efficiently.Thank You for your Cooperation.Seneca Falls Highway Department

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