It’s A Wonderful Run 5k has 1600 runners

Three years ago, we were thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, we would get 200 runners to come to Seneca Falls to participate in our first race. Sure, we’d raise some money and have some fun and add a little excitement to the annual It’s A Wonderful Life weekend. Little did we know… that just two years later, for our 3rd race…we’d be staring at 1600-plus names on our registration list. Umm…wow. Holy wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.So without further ado, here is some information we hope you find informative for your visit with us next weekend. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e mail us at [email protected] at any time, and we’ll get an answer to you as soon as we can.Registration/Packet/Bib Pickup:This years registration and packet/bib pickup will take place on Friday, December 9th from 5PM – 9PM and race day, Saturday, December 10th, from 12:00 noon – 4:00PM at the Hotel Clarence, 108 Fall Street in downtown Seneca Falls. If you are going to be in town Friday night, we ask you, we beg you, to come down Friday night and pick up your race stuff. You will be met with cheers and perhaps hugs. We anticipate a tremendous amount of people on Saturday and the more bibs and packets we can take care of on Friday, the easier Saturday will be for everyone. If you do come on Saturday, make sure you give yourself enough time to pick up your stuff. The packet/bib pick up will close promptly at 4:00PM and the race will start promptly at 4:40PM (forgive the bold…but hey, we’re serious!!)Weather: We refuse to even talk about the weather because apparently we are very superstitious. So all we will say is that we can’t predict what the weather will bring this weekend so we ask you to please BE CAREFUL and run/walk smart. And remember, you signed a waiver.Parking:On our race website, www.itsawonderfulrun5k.com, under quick links and the “parking” tab, you’ll see a listing for “available race day parking”. Click on this link and you’ll see a map that illustrates 9 different parking areas on a map of Seneca Falls. All parking areas are very close to the Hotel Clarence, start line and finish line (between .1 miles and .4 miles). There are also many, many side streets to park on as well. The Hotel Clarence parking is limited to hotel guests and the Community Center will be blocked off from 3:30PM – 5:45PM. Please keep these times in mind if you plan on parking at the Community Center.Restrooms:There are many bathroom facilities scattered throughout the village. The Community center by the start/finish lines have bathroom facilities as well as locker rooms to change. We will also have some portable restrooms located near the start/finish line outside the Community Center. The Canal-side Boater Amenities Facility, located behind downtown Seneca Falls on the south side in the middle of the Seneca Falls canal harbor, will also be open and has showers and bathrooms. Certainly some local businesses will have restrooms as well, but we ask that you at least buy a pack of gum if you’re gonna use them!Pre-race:Please enjoy your stay in our town. Walk around, visit our local businesses (many of them sponsors of the race) and enjoy all the events the It’s a Wonderful Life committee has planned for you. If you have any questions about where to get a bite to eat or sights to see, please ask us. We’ve grown up here and pretty much know the town inside and out.We ask that if you want to warm up for the run, do not warm up on the race route. Instead, please use the Ludovico Trail. It is located right near the bridge (just on the South side of it) and you will be able to enjoy views of the Erie Canal while warming up your muscles.The Race:The race starts on the Bridge Street Bridge. The first half mile or so will be blocked off to traffic, and the last quarter mile will be blocked off to traffic. The rest of the race is open to traffic so please be extremely careful and keep to the right side of the street (I know this goes against the rule) at all times when possible. We will also have reflective tape strips to stick to the back of your shirt if you don’t have reflective clothing.The following is important so we are going to bold and star it!!….****We also ask that all walkers, children and slower runners line up in the back****. We will continue to address this all day. You will probably get tired of us saying it. But…please don’t start the race on the bridge or near the front if you’re walking or running at a slow pace. There will be 1600-plus (I know!!! We can’t believe it either!!) participants and we want to make sure everybody has a safe, fun run. So, as a recap…if there are children racing with you, or if you want to walk, or go relatively “slow”….please, please, pretty please line up at the back of the pack. You will still have fun and will be in great company!!Questions/Information:On race day, if you have any questions or need information, feel free to approach any of our volunteers who will be wearing bright white Staff shirts. They can answer any questions or concerns you have. Or at least get you to someone who can. They will all have our phone numbers so they can get an answer to you right away (except for the question “Where are the falls?”….because there aren’t any! And if someone points you don’t the road and tells you to hang a right…they are just joking with you. No falls in Seneca Falls. Not anymore, anyway).Post Race Festivities:After the race is over, we will be conducting an awards ceremony starting at 5:30PM in the Community Center. After the awards ceremony, you may want to catch the “Taste of Bedford Falls”. For the last two years, this was also held at the Community Center, but they have moved it this year. It will be taking place at the Trinity Episcopal Church banquet hall which is located at the far east end of Fall Street, just past the Ovid Street/Fall Street traffic light (approximately ¼ mile east from the Community Center). It will be open until 6:30 or until the food runs out, whichever comes first. They are asking for a $5 donation and you’ll have the opportunity to sample food from over 20 local restaurants. And after the “taste”, take your race bib to Red’s Place for your free beer (Yuengling is on tap this year). Bolded because, well, it’s just cool.Sunday:For those of you who will be sticking around until Sunday, or if you don’t live too far away, a showing of the film “It’s A Wonderful Life” will be shown on the big screen at Academy Square Auditorium. Karolyn Grimes and Carol Coombs Mueller, who played Zu Zu and Janie Bailey, will be doing a special introduction of the film at 12:15PM. The show starts at 1:00PM. It’s free of charge and popcorn and snacks will be available for purchase. The Auditorium at Academy Square is located at 12 North Park Street, approximately ¼ mile north of Hotel Clarence, just off State Street.All event and festival event information can be found at www.therealbedfordfalls.com and a program will be in your swag bag. All information regarding the race can be found at www.itsawonderfulrun5k.com . Thanks again for participating in our race and we look forward to seeing you next Saturday!And finally…bring your Christmas Spirit…It’s a must, we demand it! No grinches allowed. In fact, if we hear any grinchy comments, we will point at you and scream “GRINCH!” at the top of our lungs and everyone will look at you. We’re not joking, but if you’d like to test us…don’t say we didn’t warn you!But seriously, you’re in Bedford Falls!!! We want all of you to have an amazing time at our “little race we started to raise money for local charities.” We’ve grown, my how we’ve grown, and it is so incredibly rewarding to us to see what this event has turned into. ALL proceeds will go to the Seneca County House of Concern, the It’s a Wonderful Life Committee (to ensure this weekend celebration will continue for years to come), other local charities, and a scholarship that will be awarded to a local high school graduating Senior.And here we are… we are so looking forward to seeing you and truly can’t thank you enough. Bring your holiday spirit with you, drive safe, come early and enjoy all the events going on in Bedford Falls… We love our little town and we hope you do too.See you Saturday!!Directors:Jeff & Tina RookKevin & Jolene Korzeniewski

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