Yates Sheriff wans of emerging drugs

“Emerging drugs called “legal weed,” fake weed,” “K2 or Spice,” and “Salvia” is concerning to public health and safety,” said Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike, “in some cases this summer and fall we have seen teens suffering from hallucinations, vomiting, severe agitation, paleness and elevated heart rates and blood pressure among other dangerous effects.” Local law enforcement has handled calls involving teens and EMS has also had to be called. Spike added, “For teens to think this stuff is safe because its legal is a myth.” Hallucinogens are drugs that affect a person’s perceptions, sensations, thinking and emotions due to their effects on the central nervous system. Some are natural or organic (herbal) and others are synthetic. Some states have outlawed these substances, but generally these drugs are unregulated in New York State. K2 may be a mixture of dried herbs, flowers and tobacco covered by a synthetic compound and being used by some as a legal substitute to marihuana and often referred to as synthetic marihuana. However the symptoms in some are not typical for those who use marihuana. K2 has been sold as incense or potpourri for a comparable price as marihuana. “The use of these materials that may be contaminated is an emerging public health issue,” said Spike, “The mixtures usually sold in 3 ounce packages are not regulated, and may have toxic chemicals sprayed on it, which was never intended for human consumption, and may be too intoxicating and dangerous.” In one case the teen tried to run from deputies and was not making any sense and became sick. After an hour the hallucinations stopped. “We also had a case involving deputies and Penn Yan police where the teen had taken “Salvia” which is better known as Salvia Divinorum, and is a natural plant (perennial herb) grown in Mexico and Central America,” said Spike, “Salvia is abused by inhalation or quidding and in the local case officers saw scary out of control, aggressiveness while the teen experienced hallucinations that took three officers to subdue, as they feared he would hurt himself or another.”

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