Harris convicted in Auburn knife incident

District Attorney Jon Budelmann announced today the conviction of Peter Harris, (d/o/b/ 6/1/79) for the class “D” felony of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, Menacing in the Second Degree and Harassment in the Second Degree. When sentenced December 8, 2011, Harris faces a sentence of up to 7 years in state prison as a Second Felony Offender. The trial was held in Cayuga County Court and was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Christopher Schlecht, who did a good job proving the defendants guilt.Harris was convicted of possessing an 8 inch knife which he used to threaten the victim and stab three tires on his car in the parking lot of the Fast Trac gas station on Grant Avenue (at intersection with Seward Avenue) on February 23, 2011. The defendant approached the victim, a total stranger, at approximately midnight and asked for a ride. When the victim refused to give him a ride, Harris shoved the victim and ripped the door to the fuel tank from the car. When the victim attempted to go into the store/station to call 911, the defendant chased after him. Harris wrestled with thevictim in the parking lot, causing injuries to the victim’s chest and neck.Harris then chased the victim into the gas station where he again shoved him into the counter. The defendant then went out to the parking lot where he smashed the handle of the gas pump against the windows of the victim’s car. When the victim went outside to try and stop the defendant, Harris pulled the knife from his pocket, pointed it at the victim and approached him. He then stabbed three tires on the victim’s vehicle.District Attorney Jon Budelmann said “Peter Harris has an extensive criminal record going back several years and has become increasingly violent. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured during his latest offense. This jury’s verdict sends a clear message that this Office and the People of Cayuga County will not tolerate unprovoked attacks on innocent community members.”

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