NYC woman gets lost in Hi-Tor area of Italy

According to Sheriff Ron Spike, Yates County Sheriff’s 911 dispatchers received a 911 call from a Ilana Wallaph, age 52 of New York City, NY who was visiting the Finger Lakes and hiking on NYS lands called Hi-Tor in the Town of Italy commonly called Clarks Gulley area East of Naples, NY and became disorientated and lost and with darkness approaching she call Yates County 911 for help. Yates County 911 dispatch center has a contemporary mapping technology system within the 911 computer aided dispatch system and dispatchers were able to use the GPS signal from her cell phone and plotted a latitude and longitude mapping of her location and directed Naples Fire Dept personnel, Sheriffs deputies and NYS Forest Rangers to her location quickly. She was located within one hour by Naples Fire Dept volunteers and taken to West Ave. base of the gulley and treated on the scene for minor scratches by Naples Ambulance. Sheriff Spike praised the dispatchers and all first responders for the quick locate of Ms. Wallaph.

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