Monarch’s head south at Cayuga Nature Center

Monarchs, swallowtails, and more lived in the Cayuga Nature Center’s Butterfly Garden since June. Come September 17, it will be time to wish the butterflies farewell on their voyage south. Release at 11am. Family-friendly events throughout the day, including an Animal Feeding at Noon.Millions of monarchs begin the journey south to the mountains of Mexico at the end of the summer months. Monarchs fly up to 3,000 miles to reach their winter roosting spot. The Cayuga Nature Center tags the monarchs in the Butterfly Garden as part of a research project called MonarchWatch. MonarchWatch created small adhesive tags that attach to the hind wing of the butterfly and helps researcher better understand their bi-annual mass migration.Each tag has a code that includes details about the butterfly: whether it is male or female, when it was tagged, and where it was tagged. When a tagged monarch is found on its journey north or south, scientists can determine where the monarch started its trip and what route it is taking south. With this information, scientists can make a map of the “roads” that monarchs take each year.For more information on monarch migration, visit www.monarchwatch.org or the Cayuga Nature Center on Saturday, September 17. About the Cayuga Nature CenterDiscover nature! Climb six-stories into the tree branches with TreeTops. See live animals, both indoors and outdoors. Explore our special toddler room. Relax in the lodge after hiking more than five miles of scenic trails traversing 120 acres of natural gorges and native wildlife. Enjoy CNC year round: walk among the butterflies in our summer butterfly house or take to the trails in winter with snowshoes or skis. CNC is a nature experience of PRI and its Museum of the Earth. CNC and the Museum of the Earth are proud members of the Discovery Trail.

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