ALERT: New phone scam in the area

Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenberg wants citizens to be aware of a phone scam that has been occurring in Seneca County. Sheriff Deputies have been investigating several complaints where victims are being contacted by “Publishing Clearing House”, not to be confused Publisher’s Clearing House, reporting to victims they have won five million dollars and a new vehicle.These unknown scam artists are originating from Jamaica, using phone number 876-869-2952, asking callers to send them $300 or more dollars via Western Union, to assist in paying taxes or fees on the millions of dollars they have won. Scam artists tell victims once the money is sent, a Sheriffs Deputy will deliver the winnings along with a spokes person for the “Publishing Clearing House” Sheriff Stenberg wants citizens to also know these scam artists are foreign when they speak and are using historical or biblical names to identify themselves. Some of the names used are Moses Abraham, John Kennedy and Martha Washington. Scam artists are instructing victims to wire the money to Jamaica in the name of Mr. Anderson. These scam artists are diligent in their calls to victims, calling several times a day.Sheriff Stenberg urges citizens to never give out any personal information over the telephone or send any money. Sheriff Stenberg also advises that Sheriffs Department is never involved with collecting or delivering sweepstakes winnings. Anyone receiving these types of calls should contact your local Law Enforcement Agency.

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