Wayne County man sentenced to 12 years

LYONS — A Wolcott man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in a home burglary that netted more than $400,000. Judge Dennis Kehoe sentenced Peter Baugher, 31, of 12212 Tyrell Road, Tuesday in Wayne County Court. Baugher pleaded guilty to second- degree burglary and second degreegrand larceny. Both are mid-level felonies.Baugher and several other people were arrested by state police in late March and early April after a 78-yearold Wolcott man reported a large safehad been stolen from his home on East Port Bay Road.State police investigators said the man, who didn’t trust banks, had been stashing the cash at his homesince the 1970s. They added that Baugher and an alleged accomplice, Adam Purdy, 27, of 7537 Old Lyons Road, Lot 60, Lyons, knew the man kept cash around his house and admitted breaking in and takingsmall amounts in the past.Police said the safe was taken to the home of Joseph and Victoria Williams of Marion and opened. There were a number of large and small bills inside totaling about $405,000. Baugher was arrested March 28.Purdy and his girlfriend, Amber Shove, 23, of Wayne Center Road, Rose, were apprehended April 5.Police said they were on a shopping spree at Eastview Mall in Victor at the time.Shove and Purdy have charges pending in Wayne County Court. Purdy, who was indicted for second-degree burglary, second-degree grandlarceny and second-degree criminal possession of stolen property, will be in court Sept. 6, when attorneys in the case argue motions.A Huntley hearing — a pretrial hearing that reviews the manner in which police obtain statements from a defendant — is scheduled for October. If Purdy’s case goes to trial, it is scheduled to start Nov. 14.The day after Baugher’s arrest, police executed a search warrant at the Williams home in Marion andrecovered nearly $70,000 of the stolen money. According to police, they also discovered a marijuana growing operation there and seized nearly 400 plants and growing equipment. The Williamses face charges of criminal possession of stolen property and unlawfully growing cannabis. Their cases also are pending in county court.Police said some of those involved in the burglary bought cars and motorcycles with the money, amongother items. The Wayne County District Attorney’s Office is working to get restitution for some of the money stolen. Wayne County District Attorney Richard Healy said Baugher has been ordered to pay $135,000 in restitution. Healy added that just under half of the $405,000 stolen from the elderly man was recovered.Also implicated in the case is Purdy’s mother, 49-year-old Valerie Putman of Lyons. She is accused ofhiding the safe at her home and faces charges of second-degree criminal possession of stolen property, second degree hindering prosecution and fourth-degree criminal facilitation. A Huntley hearing for Putman is scheduled for Oct. 12, with a trial setto begin Nov. 14.

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