Zotos windmills, have yet to move an inch

Geneva- Lots of fanfare in February when the two windmill driven turbines at Zotos Forge Ave. plant were completed and ready to go.Six months later, no movement and no electricity generated. According to NYSEG Corp. Communications manager Clayton Ellis, the turbines were built too close to nearby power lines. Should a turbine fall, it could hit and disable the wires.The problem was first identified in March and delayed start up. Officials of NYSEG and Zotos have acknowledged they were trying to work out unspecified issues and at that time were confident they could be resolved. It hasn’t happened yet.In a e-mail statement Tuesday, Ellis expressed he remains confident that the issues will be resolved. Anthony Perdigao, VP of operations at Zotos echoed those sentiments. Perdigao says he is appreciative of ongoing discussions with the utility and is happy with the progress being made.Ellis said the solution to the issue is to relocate the power lines and many details as to where best to relocate them have not yet been worked out.Once all issues have been worked out and relocation is complete, the turbines are expected to provide 60 to 70 % of the plant’s energy needs. Zotos officials expect to see a return on their investment in less than five years, once they begin producing.

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