7 Waterloo residents want water service extension

Waterloo – Seven Pre-Emption Street homeowners have asked the Town Board to explore the feasibility of extending public water service to their properties. The seven presented a petition to the board that was read at Tuesday’s meeting. The residents requested afeasibility study be done about extending public water to the east side of the street. The petition was referred to the board’s water and sewer committee, which is headed by Scott Ridley. Ridley wants engineers from MRB Group be asked to investigate potential costs and other factors involved in the request. Jon and Phyllis Winters of 2799 Pre-Emption St. arepart of the petition. Phyllis Winters said the properties are served by private wells that have been posing problems in terms of volume and quality. She said there is a public water line on the west side of the road, across from their homes.Joseph and Rachel Fairman, Wendy Miller, John and Diane Hurlburt, Mary Oberle, Norman Bruch and Carolee Hilliard also signed the petition. Rachel Fairman said the homes are surrounded by farms and an inactive dump, causing concerns about groundwater quality.

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